Monday, May 07, 2007

Just can't get going this year

Despite the cracked rib or ribs and the sniffels, I was trying to get ready to ride Kokopeli's trail for the first time in my life so I decided to at least bust out a road metric century to see how my fitness was doing. I talked my buddy Jason into driving over from Idaho to join me. We rode from Cashmere to Wenatchee, and then out the Malaga Highway until it turns up into the hills as Stemilt road. Turning around there and riding back to the Malaga store was the hardest part because the wind was such that we found ourselves having to pedal down hills. I hate that. Of course I didn't have time to think much about the pedaling because of the crap coming out my eyes. It was stinging so badly I had to stop. Luckily Jason had a bottle of plain water and I rinced my eyes out with it and felt much much better. We rode back on the east side of the Wenatchee river. I was very surprised at how few people were out on the trail. It was a georgeous day and I even got sunburned. We wrapped it up back in Cashmere with a ride time of 4:40. Quick showers and a giant burger from the Hitching Post and I felt just fine, except for realizing that I was indeed sick.

I started an antibiotic, but just felt worse on Monday and had to tell Doug that I couldn't do Kokopelli's trail. I am so bummed about it. By Wednesday I felt like my head was going to explode. Turns out I'm alergic to Omnicef. Now I'm on Biaxin. Hope that helps, at least the headache is gone. Today I should have finished up in Moab, decending Porcupine ridge, but no, I'm still here in the rain with crap coming out my eyes. Oh well. It can always be worse, just make the best what you get.

Since I didn't get to do this big adventure, I automatically started planning my next one. I'm going to do some bike camping this summer. I just bought this cool new water purifier:

I'm ready to go! I have a primitive campsite picked out that is about 60 miles from home, and I tested to be sure I could fit everything I needed for one summer night into my tiny panniers. Now I just have to get healthy and in shape!

Date: April 28
Mileage: 64
Ride type/Bike: Road/Tricross
April Miles: 299
Year to date mileage: 776

Date: April 23
Mileage: 30
Ride type/Bike: Road/Tricross
April Miles: 235
Year to date mileage: 712


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