Sunday, February 04, 2007

Showing Off

Let me tell you, I know how to break the ice when it comes to riding with new folks. Friday I met an old friend, and two new ones to ride an area I'd never visited before. Griffin Creek. It was cold. 37 Degrees. I'm warming up in the parking lot and start riding wheelies. I push one too far and topple over backward landing squarely on my butt. Ha ha ha. Very funny. Let's ride now. Griffin Creek is definitely a fun place and I'll have to get back there.

Saturday I rode with Doug W. from the hwy 18 parking lot to Poo Poo point where the hang gliders launch from. It's a great training ride with two hill climbs both ways for a total of almost 2600 feet of climbing in just 15 miles. I'll definitely be doing that one again too. I love getting out with people. I ride solo so much, I forget what fun it is to ride with friends.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday. Can I say that? The NFL will probably send me a cease and desist letter for using their trademark. Stand by!

Date: February 3
Mileage: 15
Ride type/Bike: Fire Road (Poo Poo Point)/Pisgah
February mileage: 26
Year to date mileage: 193

Date: February 2
Mileage: 11
Ride type/Bike: Mountain Bike (Griffin Creek)/Pisgah
February mileage: 11
Year to date mileage: 178


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