Sunday, January 28, 2007

Another Short Ride

I wasn't really going to even count this ride. Then I remembered reading the huge percentage of trips under 2 miles Americans make by car and I decided that any trip (even to the playground) that I don't use the car is a valid bike ride! I rode the Pisgah because I'm still working on getting the rear tire to seal up. I think I'm almost there.

Date:Date: January 28
Mileage: 4
Ride type/Bike: Father-Daughter Neighborhood Ride/Pisgah
January mileage: 120
Year to date mileage: 120


Blogger accretion said...

Nice job saving the environment!! Now if we could all bike to work and the store.

My back is still hating it. Probably need to go to doc if not better in next couple days.


9:16 AM  

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