Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ouch - Gold Creek/Lower Dungeness

Saturday I met Doug at his place at 6AM and we headed to Bellevue to pick up Brett, and then hit the Edmonds Ferry where we met Igor, Paul and Stephanie. From the ferry it took about an hour to hit get to the closed FS road #2860. From there we rode the closed road (pretty much gone, and maybe soon unridable) to the Gold Creek trailhead. From there we climbed roughly up some super steep singletrack and then descended back down to the Gold Creek Shelter where I crashed and either bruised or cracked some ribs. It was a painful ride up to the Lower Dungeness trail where we could descend back to the closed road.

Sunday I headed out to Black Diamond Bikes to beg the quick return of my cross bike since I was trashed and so was my mountain bike. Peter had a Specialized Roubaix in my size and asked if I wanted to demo it. I knew I shouldn't ride, but how could I turn that down. I did a very easy 20 mile loop and man did that bike feel fast and sleek compared to my cross bike. Of course I couldn't test it to it's limits because accelerating and just breathing in general hurt pretty bad.

I'm at a loss on what to do. I need to be putting in big miles the next two weeks because I'm set to ride Kokopelli's Trail with Doug starting May 5. I don't think seeing Dr. would do any good, and I don't want to stop riding either. I think it's just going to be smooth road rides this week, and lots of Ibuprofen. We shall see....

Oh, if you want to see how much better a writer's descripton of the day was, check out Doug's version here.

Date: April 15
Mileage: 20
Ride type/Bike: Road/Loaner Roubaix
April Miles: 185
Year to date mileage: 662

Date: April 14
Mileage: 23
Ride type/Bike: Mtn. Bike/Pisgah
April Miles: 165
Year to date mileage: 642



Blogger Zach said...

Yo Dude! That's awesome. A crash is worth getting a bike upgrade. Did you get a good bike "credit" on the Specialized Tri. Like they say - if you fall of the horse, best to get right back on!
L8r, Z

7:27 PM  

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