Friday, April 13, 2007

Getting in shape for longer rides

Last Thursday was a gorgeous day for a ride so I conned Doug into doing a road ride with me. We road from Ron Regis Park, around the east side of Lake Washington, did one loop of Mercer Island, and then came back down the west side of the lake and back out 169 to the park again. It was great.

This Monday and Tuesday I just couldn't get my butt out the door and rode the trainer instead.

Wednesday I hit a famous BBTC ride called the Thrilla. It's 20 miles of dirt and single tracked glued together through neighborhoods in Redmond and Woodinville. It's pretty impressive what Kevin Axt put together.

Last night I just took a slow 20 mile road loop to stretch out my legs in anticipation of riding Gold creek/Lower Dungeness on Saturday. That should be about 20 miles and 5000' of climbing and I'm very much looking forward to it. I'm still thinking of racing Sunday. I know I'll get crushed, but who cares. We shall see!

Date: April 12
Mileage: 20
Ride type/Bike: Road/Tricross
April Miles: 142
Year to date mileage: 619

Date: April 11
Mileage: 20
Ride type/Bike: Mtn./Pisgah
April Miles: 122
Year to date mileage: 599

Date: April 6
Mileage: 39
Ride type/Bike: Road/Tricross
April Miles: 102
Year to date mileage: 579



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