Monday, August 06, 2007


Got to ride in Bend with some great friends this weekend. Mary and Justin planned out a monster loop for us on Saturday. We basically rode all the way around Mt. Tumalo. Mary made a nice stream crossing just before Justin lost an encounter with a tree around the 20 mile mark and they had to hitch hike back into town.

That left Joel and I to find our way over the last 10 miles alone. Thanks to Joel's stellar navigation we turned 10 miles into 14. Oh well. 3800 feet of climbing and 6 hours later we were pretty wiped out.

Sunday we took a much easier ride out to Phil's, up Ben's and down Storm King back to the highway for a crank into town.

Date: Aug 5
Mileage: 28
Ride type/Bike: Mountain/Pisgah
Aug Miles: 82
Year to date mileage: 1685

Date: Aug 4
Mileage: 34
Ride type/Bike: Mountain/Pisgah
Aug Miles: 54
Year to date mileage: 1657


Blogger accretion said...

That's a kick a$$ ride!
Looks like it was nice and warm there. Nothing like Summer in Seattle here now. :P


11:01 AM  

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